1. Are you considering professional residential management service at a reasonable cost?
      1. Management fee for high-standards apartment buildings and residential areas calculated on a monthly basis. In order to obtain the best and most appropriate fee, PropertyBIZMAG the consulting team of will conduct on-site project survey, including the following aspects: Scope of the project, project location, related records to common areas & operated assets, operational systems, construction of new operational or existing operating structures, etc. Based on the valuation, PropertyBIZMAG will offer competitive package and above all, ensuring the quality of management services is effective and best to you.


        1. Are you planning to build a hotel project, and looking for consults?

        PropertyBIZMAG I will proceed to sign the agreement between the two parties on the project consultancy, after the on-site survey. Consultant content includes, but is not limited to, market evaluation, orientation & product orientation, working with efficient, energy-saving and suitable design by our consultancy teams. In order to ensure high quality image of the project, PropertyBIZMAG will accompany you during the construction, setup, and pre-launch phase of the project to bring the project into operation efficiently and stably.

        1. Are you having a hotel / office building project in operation but not effective, how to hire a management consultant?

        PropertyBIZMAG will conduct the field survey and provide the best solution not only on HR & manning management, but also with proper operation and marketing approach.

        1. Are you considering just to hire a managing director/ Property Manager for your project, while the operational staff will be recruited and under your company’s employee directly?

        PropertyBIZMAG offer a variety of options that meet your needs and requirements, from hiring a chief executive officer, or managerial staff with key positions, or even entire operating manning for the operation of a project.

        1. How to manage your finances and expenditures effectively?

        PropertyBIZMAG provides management P&Ps, and is strictly adhered to revenue as well as cost management. Each item of purchase will be fully documented by PropertyBIZMAG, including but not limited to competing quotes, vendor-neutral reviews, general product reviews & market assessment report on the needs and objectives of the item procurement. The above content will be submitted to your responsible Representative for review prior to proceeding.