PROPERTYBIZMAG VIRTUAL OFFICE is an all encompassing label, essentially describing services which provide businesses with a mixture of off-site live communication solutions and/or address and postal services. It therefore allows businesses to carry out day-to-day requirements without any physical presence.


Premier Mailbox

Establish a local presence. Your prospects and clients can send you mail at any of our world-class business addresses, and we will forward it to the destination of your choice.


Premier Phone Answering

Your local phone number is answered in your company’s name and calls are handled according to your given instructions. The caller can leave a message or we’ll forward the call to your registered number, wherever you are.


Premier Virtual Office

Establish a local business presence wherever you need to be. Your local phone number is answered in your company’s name and calls are handled according to your instructions. Mail and faxes are forwarded to you, and you can utilize 2 hours of meeting room each month.


Value Added Premier Virtual Office

This innovative product features everything that’s in Virtual Office, plus 20 hours of office use a month. All offices  are fully-furnished and equipped with high-speed Internet access and telephones.


Company Signage Listing: Your Company Name will be listed at PropertyBIZMAG Office Lobby area, with no extra charge.


Use Prestigious Business Address: A business address at one of our PropertyBIZMAG managed office building will help you to present a professional image and help your business to be perceived as being bigger than it actually is,  which helps open doors to dealing with bigger business partners. You can choose one of our CBD Center Business Address for use on your business cards, letterhead and marketing materials…


Mail & Parcel Handling: We proceed mail forwarding and mail handling at our Centers for your own businesses or personal use. We will either hold your mail for collection (where applicable) or forward your mail on to you at original postage cost. No profit is made forwarding your mail to you.


On Demand Administrative Support: Our administrative and technical support teams are available to ensure consistent high-quality services, making best efforts to your business success.


Dedicated phone number: We provide registered local phone number for your business contacts


Personalized Phone Answering: Our friendly and professional Receptionists will answer as your company Receptionist from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).  A voicemail system is available to answer your calls after 6:00 p.m. as well as on weekends and holidays.


Call Forwarding: With high-tech PABX & communication system, enable call forwarding to your specified number


Voice Mail Box: Included 24/7 message storage with remote retrieval


Sharing dedicated Fax number & Scan Fax to Email: If you select the “Fax to email” service, you will be allocated a Dedicated fax number so as any faxes that arrive for your company will be converted into PDF format and emailed to your specified email address.


State of the Art Reception Area with professional staff: Our PropertyBIZMAG managed Business Centers offering profesional image, represent your company to welcome your customers for business contacts.


Free Wireless Internet: Our Wireless Internet access is available without charge in Reception area, as well as Business Lounge.


Free Beverage (Tea, coffee & water): All our office customers and guests are entitled with beverage free of charge.


Meeting Room: Virtual Office clients at a PropertyBIZMAG managed Business Center are entitled to 4 hours using our Business Meeting room for 4-16 persons, equipped with Wireless Internet, stationery, IT support…free of charge on every 2 months Virtual Office rental.


Work Space use: Our Value Added Premier Virtual Office clients are entitled to 20 hours of Workspace use per month.