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Hotel Sales and Marketing Services

A good marketing plan is like a trusty road map. It tells us where we're going, how to get there and, most importantly, lets us know we're there when we're there. Long-range thinking is more than just going through the motions. A hotel sales department requires a vehicle that will enable it to fulfill its overall business objectives.

The Annual Market Plan is the sales department's strategy to achieve the desired results, including hotel revenue management. This report includes a market segment analysis that constitutes the hotel's business objectives . . . a means of deciding the direction of the hotel and sales department within the framework of the objectives of PropertyBZIMAG Hospitality Services.
A strategic Sales and Marketing Plan is created each year for each PropertyBIZMAG property.
The tactical initiatives of this plan (Sales Action Plan) are reviewed monthly to ensure property compliance.
The plan is also reviewed each month between the Director of Operations and the General Manager to determine any new approaches that could better market the hotel.
PropertyBIZMAG monitors coordination between property and franchiser marketing, ensuring that properties capitalize on all marketing opportunities and support provided by their franchiser.

Hotel Internet Marketing Strategies

Business generated from the Internet is rapidly on the increase.Whether you are an independent or branded hotel, a major hotel chain or hotel management company, you can stay ahead of your competitors and capture new market share with an effective Direct Online Distribution Strategy. The center-point of this strategy is the development of the hotel's own web site, in addition to utilizing e-marketing tools.

As part of your comprehensive Total Online Distribution Strategy, PropertyBIZMAG can assist in:

Evaluating the overall use of the Internet as a hotel marketing tool.
Development and deployment of the hotel web site.
Perform a web site Optimization Strategy to make your existing hotel web site user-friendly, search engine-friendly and travel booker-friendly.
Perform a robust Search Engine Strategy designed to improve your web site positioning on search engines in order to boost direct consumer bookings.

85% of Internet users rely on search engines to locate information on the Web and that search patterns for accommodations are strictly destination-focused.




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