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Hotel Cost Control & Financial Review

Years of hotel management experience has taught us what revenue and expense items to track. These are important distinctions when operating a hotel in the real world, where the goal is to meet and exceed profit targets. Our information gathering and reporting systems are designed to provide efficient use of hotel staff and technology - and to insure that our experts has the necessary operational statistics and details to provide cost-control oversight.

Detailed operating budgets are used to carefully control spending because good control on expenses is critical to achieving excellent operating margins. PropertyBIZMAG implements and monitors strong internal controls which are critical to preventing losses through fraud and theft. We ensure that accepted risk management practices are being followed in order to reduce exposure.

All of this is designed to maximize the potential of your property by producing the best possible bottom line and increasing its eventual sales value.

Our Approach
A powerful financial system is crucial to achieving maximum profitability. We pride ourselves on our strength in developing and administering strong financial controls. Some of the key features of our approach are:

Accounting Systems
A centralized, standardized accounting system managed by the local, on-site accounting team with corporate backup and support. Financial information and reports are available in real-time to managers and owners. If you have a suitable existing accounting system, we can adapt to it.

Tight Expense Control

We recognize that expense control is a powerful tool to maximize the bottom line. We provide our local staff with daily financial reports for immediate feedback on expenses and, we monitor staffing levels closely. Typically, we operate a hotel with 60-75% the overhead personnel compared with other management companies.

Internal Audit
Performed on a routine basis to ensure compliance with all accounting and operational procedures and controls to protect your asset.

Customized Owner Reporting
In addition to a standard monthly financial package, cash flow analysis, annual budget and monthly forecasts, we will customize any additional reports based on the needs of ownership.





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